Sales Training

Those in retail and wholesale environments, as well as management, customer service, support personnel, owners, stakeholders, and executives, all have a reason for wanting to achieve established objectives. But often, the missing piece is ‘how’ to reach those targets.

From basic workshops for novices to advanced training for seasoned professionals, clients can choose from various delivery methods including instructor led sales methodology delivered online or in person for private, semi-private, or group classroom situations. Some prefer customized packages adapted to specific markets and circumstances.

Planning and follow-up are as important as the training itself.

BEFORE  I arrange advance meetings to analyze situations and goals. After interviews and/or focus groups, I will present a plan.

DURING  Workshop scenarios are practical; pragmatic teaching style favored over lectures. Focus on real-life role-play, followed by active discussion, provides for optimum learning. As the exercises develop, planning tools are given to all participants so that they can apply what they learn to everyday activities.

AFTER  Follow-up sales coaching and reinforcement services are delivered to ensure that a sales force retains and applies the information. All workshop participants receive email reinforcement kits. Other support services such as self-study are offered in-person and/or online.

Interested in this model?

Send me an email or call me to overview your situation; feel free to include questions.