Multi-faceted Life Coaching

I evaluate, inform, lead, and mentor to enrich.

You are the CEO of your life. Your life is a complex business; a journey toward your desires.

As the CEO of my life, John Westley Clayton, my professional role includes Directional Motivational Coaching, Focused Relationship Coaching, and Overall Wellness Coaching. All three are interconnected. Yes, there are specialists within branches of each, but as a rule, when the root-source of an issue is addressed, the whole will flow.

All successful individuals have official or unofficial mentors and coaches.

Directional Motivational Coaching helps those who want to maintain a positive life attitude, address key issues—education, career, family, travel—create a plan and take actionable steps. This includes receiving support to bring new ideas to fruition or pinpointing a place to start or restart.

Having a trained life coach provides a significant advantage over those without that support; essentially I become an accountability partner.

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Focused Relationship Coaching

Successful relationships require management. Relationships are partnerships.

Each interconnection with a loved one requires hard-work, heart-work, direction, and goals.

The most successful and loving relationships with deep intimacy are those built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and foster independence and cooperation.

Creating an extra level of intimacy, repairing damage, restoring respect, and solidifying bonds between you and a spouse/partner, child, parents, or siblings can be approached with a business-like management; whiteboard and all.

The typical approach to relationship solutions is to enlist a therapist. In some cases, this may be the required strategy.* But, often, the expense, logistics, and, mutual agreement on a counselor can get in the way. Ultimately, before such a dramatic step is taken, it’s worth considering the value of individual or group coaching

Not limited to relationship coaching, I’ll help you discover:

  • How to overcome past emotional wounds and past baggage
  • The role your past plays in existing relationships with yourself and others
  • The standards you set for yourself in relationships
  • The universal 5 Love Languages—how to effectively communicate yours
  • The essential tools for establishing effective communication

*As a certified trainer, I would not hesitate to refer an individual, couple, or family to the appropriate clinical psychologist or registered social worker should my evaluation deem that requirement.

Overall Wellness Coaching—Be Happy

Your body is a business; a tower of departments that you must operate with care.

The business of the body does not function well on quick fixes. Every day there are breakthroughs advertised to solve nutritional and fitness issues. Most of us know that the majority of these findings are fads. Many a pocket is lined with your gold; the money you hoped would pay for the answer you’ve been searching for.

Wellness and happiness go hand in hand and are the holy grail of this century.

Your doctor can support your plan for improved health, but it is likely he or she does not have the time to support your overall wellness or track your progress. A short visit to a clinic is not a long-term wellness solution.**

Though mountains of books that promise ’30 pounds in 30 days’ or other such nonsense exist, there are some gems; some common sense words about operating your body-business. This is where my knowledge of wellness and happiness comes in and directly links with Dr. Hill’s philosophy.

I know how to teach people to listen. In this case, it’s listening to your own body. There are no sales of supplements or pushing any particular style of eating, nor will I speak about deprivation or demanding extra willpower. I’ll help you listen to your body and explain how you can make intuitive choices that are right for you. You’ll feel more confident and understand the power of breaking habit and addiction.

Without obligation, I propose we have a short conversation via Skype. Tell me your story and—in one day—I’ll boil it down to a handful of actionable steps to move you forward toward better health.

** As a certified trainer, I will not hesitate to refer an individual to a medical professional should my evaluation deem that requirement.