Keynotes & Kick-Offs

We’ve been telling stories around the campfire since we lived in caves. And some of those stories motivated listeners to go beyond survival.

What does the power of the spoken word do? It informs intelligently and emotionally. Click. Click. Click. Like the tumblers in a safe, spoken word unlocks an energy contained within the listener.

Additionally, compelling words can unite a group—your group—to create a collective vision.

My signature speeches are always tailored to your specific niche. Individuals will emerge ready to passionately invest in a life-changing action; totally committed to embarking on a new trajectory.

I speak on the key themes which leaders have identified as fundamental to success:

  • Discovering and defining a life purpose statement
  • Key habits for success
  • Crafting plans and taking actions in difficult situations
  • Overcoming obstacles in business and in relationships
  • The present day application of Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success
  • The attainment of abundance and prosperity.

If you would like detailed information about my keynotes, please call or email me. If I’m going to be on stage somewhere nearby, I’ll invite you to sit in on the experience.

Flipside: I teach others how to own the podium

Public speaking does not come naturally. Professionals may be experts in their field, but that knowledge does not always translate to stage presence.

As a keynote speaker, your responsibility at the podium is massive and twofold:

  • To your audience in delivering a meaningful message, transforming and managing crowd energy, and distinguishing yourself as a sensation.
  • To yourself in being prepared emotionally and physically to carry the subject in a place from which you know it can be confidently retrieved.

There is no room for error. The audience is not static. Living, breathing people fill the seats. They will take action based on your direction. For your words to move others you must understand that you bring more than a speech to the podium; you bring your life.

When I coach public speaking I cover a multitude of aspects so that when you go on stage you will be perfectly prepared.

Speakers must always remain aware of their own vulnerabilities to changing energy, know how to catch self-rambling, understand what might burden the listener, and navigate the boundaries between impersonal and ‘too much information.’

I can help erase any fears you have over the thought of speaking in public. From projection to message, I involve role-play as a key component in a customized package for future keynoters.

Let’s start one-on-one. I’d like to hear the reasons why you are preparing for the stage or wanting to improve your performances. Then we can step up to the podium and begin to explore how you will captivate audiences.